(Formerly part of Upper St. Clair Township)


  • Main Street
  • Sylvia Street
  • Pesavento Drive
  • Alice Drive
  • Nancy Drive
  • As well as portions of Mill Street
  • And portions of Bower Hill Road

Bridgemont Annexed to Bridgeville

--Based on information provided to the Bridgeville Area Historical Society

The area known as Bridgemont was a panhandle of Upper St. Clair Township which bordered on the Borough of Bridgeville. It began in the middle of Mill Street and included Cook School Road and a portion of Bower Hill Road.

The region consisted of many foreign-born people who still spoke their native tongues to their children. If one would walk through the community, they could smell various types of cooking from each home--Italian, Polish, German, Czeck, Russian, etc. It was turly a "melting pot".

The children went to Cook School (one of the elementary schools of Upper St. Clair Township) for grades 1 through 8. The school was located on the site of what is now Cook School Park. Upon graduation, these chidlren could then go to either Bridgeville High School or Mt. Lebanon High School, with Upper St. Clair paying the tuition for each child.

In the late 1940s, the citizens signed a petition to be annexed by the Borough of Bridgeville and on December 8, 1949 that petition was received and successfully voted upon by the Bridgeville council.

Bridgeville Firsts...

  • 1903 – Paved sidewalks
  • 1904 – Sanitary sewers and street arc lighting
  • 1908-9 – Paved streets were installed
  • 1917 – House numbering plans were introduced
  • 1926 – Electric and hand controlled stop/go signals were installed at the corner of Washington Avenue and Station Street
  • 1927 – First fire truck was purchased
  • 1928 – Organization of a dedicated fire department
  • 1935 – Showing of Sunday movies was approved at the November general election
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